lazy sunday (january) {life}

I know you wanted words, but I think I'll mostly let these pictures speak for themselves. Sundays are my favorites, in so many ways. We're lazy, lazy on Sundays around here. Just the way I like it.

Some Sundays have a fancy breakfast. And Callum always adds hot sauce.

This Sunday was the final of the Australian Open. We do breakfast at Wimbledon, and are happy to settle down and eat in front of any sporting event, but sometimes they drag on.

I had work to do.


It's been so warm this winter that our fires have been few and far between. We'll use any excuse to have homework curled up in front, though.

The doggies prefer the sunshine.

My work.

And Callum's. A last little bit of homework, saved until the end.
Neel's day in a nutshell...he's the hardest working dad in showbusiness.

We finished with a movie (that photo is for Annie!)

And day is done.

Day is done.

Day is done.