his day {life}

So this will be short because I often find myself humbled and without words when it comes to describing Neel, but today's his birthday! Hooray Neel!

I took these photos (Big Daddy!) of Callum and Neel working on an invention that Callum is doing for school (sanctioned parent participation, I promise!) because the singlemost important thing I can say about this amazing man I married is what a stunningly wonderful father he is.

He's creative and kind and patient and a gazillion kinds of fun. Neel's the kind of guy who will notice if you have a new haircut or who decides that he would like to start opening car doors for me and just does it. He's trying to teach our son to do these things too. I know that my happiness is important to him, and I hope he knows that his is just as important to me. I remember once, fairly shortly after we met, Neel and I were roaming a cemetery near our college campus. A deer bounded in front of us and he said, "Watch!" And with each of the deer's leaps he said, "now," timing his words perfectly to the rhythm of the deer jumping. I thought, if a guy can do that, he must be pretty cool.

He'll probably kill me for posting this picture! It's the very first shot I took with Big Daddy. I wanted to include it partly because I want you to see this man that I adore, but also, this photo feels symbolic to me. Neel's support means the world to me. Without it, I wouldn't be half the woman or mother that I am. Babies love him. Dogs love him. Callum and I love him too. Happy Birthday, my dearest one.