island living

0911_banana1 Ya'll didn't know we lived in the tropics, did you? We don't, but somehow we're managing to grow (and go!) bananas! Neel and neighbor-Tyler planted several banana trees around each of our yards this spring, and a few weeks ago Tyler noticed that one of ours was flowering! To say we were stunned was an understatement. I mean, we're hot and muggy here, but not nearly tropical. Remember all that snow we got last winter?

0911_banana2 But if you look closely, behind that gorgeous flower, there they are. Little tiny bananas!

0911_banana3 None of Tyler's trees are bearing fruit and our feeling about this is that our own tree has been blasted by the compressor from the air conditioner all summer. Kinda like it's own little micro-climate. I have high hopes for these little guys, but even if they don't get any bigger or yellow enough to cut up into our cereal, I'm calling it. We grew bananas.