I'm okay

0911_k1 Some of you have asked, which is really nice, and I'm fine. I really do have a lot on my mind, from the simple (like: Where has my photography mojo gone?) to the sublime (like: If I can't find curtains that I just love, why don't I make some?), and everywhere in between. I'm not going to lie. There's some hard stuff in between, but for the most part, it's adjusting to new routines and trying to make decisions and just a general overwhelmed-ness. August and September are always hard on me, it seems.

This blog has always been meant as a gift for my family, and when I say that, I mean primarily Neel and Callum. I don't mean that the rest of my family doesn't count (!), it's just that when I think about this space, I think it terms of capturing our lives and honoring the things we do together and hold dear. Sometimes it's hard to know how much (or even what) to say. I know that other people check in here, and I appreciate that more than I have words for. But I also sometimes get caught in wondering what I want this space to be. What it means to me versus what I want it to mean to others. And should I even care? Should I try to move us forward or just keep on keeping on?

All that to say simply, it's okay. I'm okay. Everything's okay.