five things, september 16th edition

0811_sky1 1. I think last night was my very favorite kind of evening. Callum had a late play practice, and as we drove home a cold front moved in bringing lightning, heavy rain, and gusty winds. The temperature dropped 20 degrees from the time I left to pick him up to when we pulled back into the driveway. Callum had finished most of his homework during flex bell (study hall), and what he had left was the kind of thing that could be done at the kitchen island, so as Neel and I finished up supper and the storm raged outside, we were all tucked in, safe and together. I love fall.
2. I think I really appreciate the sweet note I got from my friend Marianne this morning.
3. I think every year I seem to forget how hard it is to settle in to new school year routines.
4. I think I'm sitting in a place of both disquiet and gratitude.
5. I think I'll try to focus on the gratitude.