five things, july 29 edition

Cherries (1 of 1) 1. I think the dog days are upon us with crazy heat and crazy storms. It's been exciting, but is it any wonder that I still am thinking about fall? It doesn't help that the Boden catalog came yesterday. So. Much. To. Love. Sigh...
2. I think I'm so glad football is back on, but I think I'm enjoying this free-agency frenzy almost more than I enjoy the games. I might need a job in the front office.
3. I think we still have a lot left to do this summer. It's good we still have some time left.
4. I think Callum and I have a big project ahead of us, an exciting one that I'll document in the next little bit.
5. I think I've been thinking about memory a lot. After writing this post, my friend Sarah's comments on her own memories about our vacation together helped me remember more and more about that trip. It was nice to reminisce, even if it was over the internet! When writing the Little House series, Laura Ingalls Wilder (and I'm paraphrasing here, from memory of all things!) spoke about how she would let her mind drift back to a memory and let it sit there awhile and more and more details about the event would spring into her consciousness. That's definitely what happened to me, along with Sarah's help, when I thought about that trip. I'll tell you more about it next week, perhaps.