cheers, dears

Williamsburg-3 We spent a couple days in Williamsburg with some dear friends a weekend or so ago. It's the weekend that prompted me to say several cryptic things here like, "I'm looking so forward to seeing some friends this weekend that I can't contain myself." and "I think sometimes it's okay to put the camera down and just live life." That last sentence is tinged with regret, because I wish we had more pictures of all of us.

Williamsburg-7 Instead of taking many pictures, we lived life. Outlets, go-carts...


Williamsburg-8 I lovelovelove this shot of Seamane and Neel.

Williamsburg-5 Rob and Callum had to ride this thing called the DISKO. They were the only ones on it. You can barely see Callum, up near the top, under the K.

Williamsburg-6 Callum looks uncertain here, but Rob...

Williamsburg-10 In practically every picture I shot, Rob had that same grin on his face!

And that was just the first day!

We had a great dinner that first night at one of my favorite places in the world where for the first time I tried and very much liked a French 75. And after breakfast the next day, the boys and girls split up. One set of us going to Busch Gardens and the other set to the Williamsburg Spa. See if you can guess who went where.

At Busch Gardens, we the guys rode every ride, many times over. At the Spa, we had scrubs and massages and lunch and pedicures. And when we weren't separated by treatments, we talked and talked and talked. Afterward, Seamane and I had a cocktail at the Williamsburg Inn, and sitting on their gorgeous terrace, we talked some more. People, we had years to catch up on. I can't even tell you.

We regrouped for dinner at a restaurant that has been recommended to us many times over. I tried to get reservations on Open Table, and the site said no times were available for the next eight weeks! At dinner that first night, Neel stopped in and got reservations for 6:30 the next night, just like that! No problem.

Williamsburg-4 Seamane hands Rob a sip of her wine.

Appetizers (tuna), the most scrumptious fish for dinner...I had scallops, Neel had grouper and Seamane and Rob had melt-in-your-mouth salmon. Callum was polite and pleasant and earned high marks from our server. It was a near-perfect dinner.

Williamsburg-2 Actually, check out that dessert menu. I had the sea-salt brownie and didn't really share. I'd say not near-perfect. About as perfect as perfect can get.

Williamsburg-1 I've known Seamane since I was younger than Callum is now. Crazy isn't it? We were friends for a long time and then we grew up. I can't say we grew apart, exactly because we just grew up. College and life and now it's (ahem) twenty years (or so) later. But what a gift. I can't imagine anything more special than the fact that we loved each other before, as kids, and now that we've found each other again...well, as grown-ups I think we love each other even more. And the bonus? The sea salt on my brownie? Our families like each other too. Our husbands clicked, although, let's face it. Given both of these wonderful men, not hard to do. And Callum? Well, I think they like Callum! For his part, Callum has asked that Seamane and Rob be his honorary aunt and uncle. Since that christening last week, I get the sense that he's casting about for his own set of godparents. My cup is full.

We need to see them again, and soon. And next time, I'll take more pictures.