five things, june 17 edition

Shed wall-1 1. I think sometimes it's okay to put the camera down and just live life.
2. I think we really hit the ground running since school let out. Drinks with neighbors, pool party, dinner with friends, quick getaway weekend (incl. spa day & Busch Gardens!), Rudee Rocket, and coming up: dinner with friends, drinks with neighbors, dinner with friends, a christening...Whew! I'm ready to s l o w
d o w n and have some routine and order.
3. I think I haven't really liked this masthead since I put it up, and I'm ready to change it.
4. I think it's hard to have words for how much this past weekend meant to me. A friend, from long ago, lost and then found again, only to discover that we mean maybe more to each other as adults than we ever did as kids (plus, I love her husband too.). Seriously, how do you find words for that?
5. I think I'm looking forward to a special celebration this weekend and I'm incredibly touched to have been asked to be part of a certain young man's life. His family means very much to me.