"let your eyes do the work"

Mcclureworshop1 This is Glen McClure. Go ahead, click on the link. I know you're curious. He's a local photographer, and I kinda lovelovelove his stuff. He offered a Master Class at the Contemporary Art Center last weekend, and let me tell you, I was all over that puppy. It was great.

Glensoftbox He had come to speak to our last class, and this class started with a little bit of a recap (which meant looking at more beautiful photographs) and then we talked about lighting and portraiture and had lunch, and I just soaked up as much as I could.

zooming out...

zooming in...

Way, way back in my first class, I got really interested in studio lighting and portraiture. We did some sessions in the class, and I really enjoyed them. I wanted the lights and the back drop, the whole smash. I wanted a studio with a big ornate antique sofa in front of a back drop, and everyone who came in would get their picture taken on that sofa.

Something happened to make that interest fade for me....I got more connected to natural light and lifestyle photography, I guess. Well, this class with Glenn reignited my interest in portraiture. I got so jazzed when I saw what we could do with light and how things changed when we changed our camera settings. Couple that with being back in a regular class at the CAC, and it's so exciting to be taking pictures again.

What a great day. I'm back, baby! Now I need that sofa.