five things, may 13 edition

Callum ipod 1. I think Screen-Free week has been great. Barely noticable even. But of course, I didn't sign the pledge.
2. I think I want a photography project to get me through the summer since I won't be in a class. Any thoughts?
3. I think one of my favorite moments in my married/motherhood life came this week when Neel (who was in the backyard) did something that made me laugh and laugh from my vantage point on the family room sofa. Callum, who was sitting next to me said, "You really love him, don't you?" Yes, I think I do.
4. I think I'm having trouble finding just the right shade of purple eyeshadow.
5. I think that sometimes the most exciting opportunities are the ones you don't take. In the past few weeks I've been skirting around a job offer that's been skirting around me. It would mean going back to work I did prior to this past year when I've been freelancing from home. Meaningful work for a great organization. Steady reliable income (that's nice!). And yet, the more the more I thought about it and the more Neel and I talked about it, we realized that I would be giving up more than gaining if I took this job. If I do take this job, a lot of the work I am doing now and hope to do in the future would probably be curtailed. I have, in the past year, stepped onto a path that feels like the right path for me. The work feels right, the schedule feels right. I feel right. I own my life. And still, I am not as far down that path as I want to be, so not taking this job feels a bit like a leap of faith. I'm trusting the universe that what feels right really is right. So far, things look good. In this case, I think "no" really means "yes."