five things, april 29 edition

Peony 1. I think I got some of the best birthday cards ever this year. I have learned to be ruthless (for the most part) when it comes to cards (all in a seeming futile attempt to declutter my life), but this year I had nothing but keepers.
2. I think I would give anything for a week where I had nothing to do but take care of things around the house and in my life. An organization stay-cation. I would clear out cupboards and the refrigerator, chip away at our attic and the guest room closet...that kind of thing. I don't foresee the time on the horizon anytime soon, but that's what I want.
3. I think my mom will have something to say about that last comment.
4. I think I'm wrestling with some stuff right now. Not bad stuff, just figuring out kinds of stuff. In some ways it's exciting because I think it means that I must be on the right path...just that I have things to figure out. It's all good, I suppose, but my mind is full. 
5. I think next week I'll have to tell you the story of the robins who are building a nest outside the window where I write these posts. It sort of reminds me of Billy Joel's Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. I want to tell you about Neel's garden too. That peony doesn't look real, does it?