five things, march 4 edition

IMG_1866 One of the photos from my recent shoot at Simply Selma's.

1. I think it happened just like I thought it would. A photography-confidence dip. I'm primarilay chalking it up to mid-session blahs and trying to learn all I can from it, but I definitely have the blahs. Everybody else hung up their pictures for class yesterday and I thought, why are mine so awful? What I do know is this: my pictures aren't awful. But the blahs are.
2. I think I learned that the more I prepare for a photo shoot, the better I like the resulting pictures. Duh.
3. I think last night was not the best frame of mind to go to a class on "How to market your small business online." Amazing class, but when you're thinking, "What flipping business?" And "I could never do this..." Well, you do the math. (I took lots of notes so I'd remember everything for when I feel better later though.)
4. I think Neel and I totally dropped the ball on Spring Break, and despite the fact that I really have too much work to take a trip next week, we should have planned a trip. Next year, we have to be more on it.
5. I think I'm excited that lacrosse season starts in earnest this weekend. And I think I'm especially proud that Callum has volunteered to play goalie. Goalie? Nervous for him, but proud.