monday, monday

1. feeling riveted to and devastated by news from Japan
2. moving back into life after spring break
3. reclaiming my house and catching up on neglected (house)work
4. discussions of time and space and orbit sparked by daylight savings at breakfast
5. missing taking photos for the heck of it
6. grateful for routine, especially after ignoring it for a few days
7. irritated that the NFL keeps asking me to buy their stuff
8. loving the feel of the sun on my back this weekend
9. wondering when neighborhood babies are going to arrive
10. marveling over the work Neel got done in the yard yesterday
11. giving up on finding lost lip gloss
12. knowing I will love the longer day especially today after school
13. looking forward to the week
14. appreciating the tremendous help our friends gave Callum yesterday
15. soaking up the reconnections I've made with friends I haven't spent time with in awhile
16. daunted (and excited) by the photography prospects coming down the pike
17. watching color come back to our world
18. trying to chart a calm path as tumult continues to swirl around us
19. putting my nose to the grindstone in the next weeks
20. not needing to watch Ghostbusters ever again.