photography class

   IMG_8909_2 So. About that photography class. I'm not going to lie and say I'm not a little intimidated. The word "advanced" will do that to you. I don't feel advanced. I feel like a pretender. This is not a technique class. I need more of that too, though. This is a class about finding your photographic vision. Hmmm. The goal is that by the end we have a body of work (gulp) and in doing so, push our boundaries. Those things, I could use.

By the end of the first class, we needed to come up with an idea for the project we'd work on for the duration of the course. It took me through my drive home after class (I'm not so good at doing things on time, I guess.), but I landed on what I wanted to do. For the next seven weeks, I'm going to focus on photographing relationships. I feel comfortable catching spontaneous moments. I have no problem snapping a shot of some kids in our front yard and printing it off to give to a neighbor. I'm hoping to work toward more portrait work. That's a challenge to me. Not stiff, but what our teacher calls "planned spontaneity." Each week Jackie, (she's our teacher) will give us an assignment (this past week was "dramatic lighting," for example), but for me, the assignments will fall under the theme of photographing relationships.

You'll see some of those photos here, I imagine. And a lot you won't. I can't say I'm not a little nervous. But excited too. And how about that relationship in that picture up there? What more potent relationship than one that is just beginning, for everyone. Brother or sister, who knows?