joy of love

So all month, I've been quietly participating in another photo project, this one an online class called The Joy of Love created by Kelly Willette of Willette Designs. I discovered Kelly (see? even though I haven't met her yet, I just figure we're *that* close) quite on my own a few months ago, and it was only after exploring her blog a bit that I realized she was a local gal. I was excited when this class popped up. I love the structure of a class, and even though I'm hitting my art center course pretty hard right now, this seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up. (Plus, Kelly totally lets you off the hook about it, which I need. I'm both a rule follower and a rebel. Enough of a rule follower to want to do everything exactly by the book, and enough of a rebel to want to go my own way. This class, which consisted of a daily prompt as well as camera tips, allowed you to be as little or as heavily involved as you wanted.)

So while I loved the prompts (and especially the camera tips) and couldn't wait to get them in my inbox every evening, I was pretty organic about taking the pictures that she actually prompted.

It's the last day of the month and the last day of our class, so I thought (in no particular order) that I'd post some photos that were inspired by this project.

IMG_9551 Day 12: The eyes

IMG_9205 Day 1: What They Do (Callum on his iPod.)

IMG_9616 (1) Day 22: Where. Technically this should be about where we met, but I always tell the story of how I heard Neel laugh before I ever met him, so a photograph of him laughing seems most appropriate. Those of you who have heard Neel laugh understand why this is my favorite thing about him.

IMG_1014 Day 22: The Face (Portrait). This photo and the next pulled double duty for my art center course and this online project. No matter, I love this portrait of Callum.

IMG_0886 BW Day 25: When you love them most. Except at times during math homework, I love Neel and Callum most when we're all together. They may not be laughing in this picture, but laughing's important too. They've both been so wonderful and supportive of me...especially as I put them in front of the lens. I love how they show their love for me.

So there you have it. A snapshot (get it? har har) of my month with the Joy of Love.  I'm so glad I did it, even though today was my only day posting about it. Technically, I think I'm all over the place, but it was at its very minimum another reason to pull my camera out of the bag. I'm grateful for those lessons to have to look back on. Prompts & tips to have when I'm feeling stuck. What's so funny is that since I started doing this I've had two or three people ask, "Have you met Kelly? You need to meet her." Isn't the world a funny, small place? I've enjoyed basking in her creative space this month, and since she pretty much is right now where I want to be when I grow up, I hope we can meet. I can't wait.