Peter's soup

Peterssoup3 What do you call a person with whom you "chat with" regularly but have never actually met? You've probably seen Peter's name in the comments section on this blog, where he visits often (as I do his), and since there's never been a cross word between us, I'll choose to call him friend.

Peterssoup2 This is my friend Peter's soup. When I saw the recipe on his blog, I knew I had to make it. He does a regular feature called "Eat the Season" and this recipe features leeks. I sure do love leeks. And I knew that this particular soup would be right up Callum's alley. Brothy? Check. Meaty? Check. Filled with lots of tasty bits? Check and check.

Peterssoup And despite the fact that our popovers didn't pop as much as usual (totally not your fault), it was delicious. It think it'll go into our regular rotation. Thank you, Peter.