hard scramble breakfast

IMG_2031e Oh man, I love a lazy Sunday morning. Made especially nice by the promise of a three-day weekend. As we headed to the grocery store on Saturday, Callum and I concocted a plan for a "big Sunday breakfast" this weekend. We do this occasionally, go all out for breakfast, and this time he helped.

IMG_2008e See, clever and thoughtful parents that we are, we taught the boy with the raw egg allergy how to make scrambled eggs. He is on it now. An egg-making whizz.

IMG_2025e A competent and creative chef should enjoy the fruits of his labors. This weekend, we all did.

As an added side comment, I shot all these pictures in RAW, using this format for the first time ever. Not as scary as I expected, and a lot of fun to edit. It's all about baby steps, people.