IMG_1043 So as you may have seen, my neighbor Catherine is expecting! I've been taking a lot of pictures of her lately. Since she wasn't having a proper shower with games and all, several of us on the block scheduled a lunch and connived to make it a celebration of mama and bubster.

IMG_1058 I can't even count the emails that were involved in planning this realtively simple affair, but the celebration part was meant to be a surprise. And a large percentage of those emails were panicked when A) Catherine considered backing out because she was too busy, B) Catherine got sick, and C) Catherine decided to drive herself to lunch.

IMG_1061 It all worked out in the end, and instead of lunching we had high tea (consisting of tea sandwiches, scones, petit fours and cupcakes) did occur to me to worry that she was disappointed that we didn't go out to lunch. (Don't worry, we made plans.)

IMG_1075 Take note of the cupcakes. They're from Carolina Cupcakery. Hello. Rebecca, who was in charge of cupcakes said that they do one alcholic cupcake a day and you have to have an adult there with you to pick it up. Yesterday's cupcake was "pink champagne." Now why couldn't we have hosted a wedding shower? I kid! I kid!

IMG_1079 Pretty table. And what's a shower without petit fours and deviled eggs?

It was a perfectly lovely afternoon. Poor Catherine didn't feel well, but we still managed to laugh and laugh and laugh. I hoped she felt a little better. And celebrated as the wonderful mama that she is. New babies are pretty special.


IMG_1187 BW Friends are pretty special too. Love you guys.