hip afternoon

  Hipsta5 For Neel's birthday a few weeks ago, we all spent the day together. Lunch and a movie. I didn't have my camera with me. (Will I never learn? Just always take the darn thing.) So I did what all the cool kids are doing and used the Hipstamatic App on my phone.

Hipsta6 First stop, a local icon. The Donut Dinette. I can't believe we've never been here before. With seats at the counter and reviews that command you to "get here early" for the donuts, this place is truly a gem.

Hipsta4 I love the way the maple syrup jars are lined up on the counter.

Hipsta2 Callum had the cheeseburger deal, and Neel and I had BLTs. Perfect, but I almost wish I'd had the chicken and dumpling special. Plus, we really need to come for breakfast sometime.

Hipsta1 And after, the movie. Have you seen it yet? Everybody has. On the recommendation of a friend we took Callum along. I think our little family brought the mean age down by like twenty years. I'm sure there are those who will take issue with the fact that our eleven year old was there to hear some of the, ahem, colorful language. Myself, I don't have a problem with that. And colorful? This is full-on cursing. Impressive and effective. Powerful too. Callum had one giggle when the words first started flying, but after that he settled in. They're just words, after all. And watching Colin Firth masterfully struggle to speak it made me think that the worst words are the ones we can't get out.