1111_flower_table1 Here are some of the things I have to do this week:

  1. Last minute food shopping

  2. Last minute goodie shopping

  3. Grandparent Day parent preview

  4. Grandparent Day performance

  5. Make sure Callum has a clean white shirt and khakis for Grandparent's Day

  6. Finish the blog redesign... We're almost there, baby!

  7. Edit photos

  8. Take photos

  9. Charge batteries

  10. Figure out new laptop

  11. Work!

  12. Last minute booze shopping

  13. Pack me

  14. Pack Neel

  15. Pack Callum

  16. Not take Callum to Taco Bell

  17. Coffee...I'm not missing coffee...

  18. Check in on all my bloggy peeps

  19. A wee bit o' Christmas shopping (I know, I know)

  20. Figure out what to wear to Grandparents Day and the Grandparents Day preview

  21. Send about a gazillion emails

  22. Clean the car

  23. Laundry

  24. Move the rug

  25. Write Friday's blog post

  26. Take pictures for Friday's blog post

  27. Buy file folders (I know, random)

  28. Clean off my desk in the office

  29. Decide if I'm going to bring something pumpkin-y for Thanksgiving

  30. Can I fit in a pedicure?

I'm sure there's more. I know there is. I just can't think of it right now. As if this isn't enough to finish by first thing Wednesday morning. Dear friends, I'm signing off for the week. Check back in for Five Things, the Gratitude Edition on Friday, and unless something goes terribly amiss, the new and improved still + life will launch next Monday! I can't wait to show it to you.