not martha

1011_martha_dinner2 I pick up my Martha Stewart Living every month at the grocery store. I've had a subscription before, and somehow subscriptions rarely seem to work for me. Except when we lived on the West Coast and I had a subscrption to Sunset (oh, how I miss Sunset!), and now with my Everyday Food, it always seems to me that the content of a magazine dips precipitously when I pay for a subscription. Maybe because those other two were gifts...I don't know. It's a phenomena I've experienced again and again, so Martha and I meet up in the grocery aisle.

Oh happy day when the new Martha Stewart Living comes out. I'm not trying to say that she's reading my mind or anything, but did anyone notice that this month's issue featured an article on pot pies...after I wrote this post? Just sayin'.

0911_marthadinner1 I find a lot of the recipes in the main text overly fussy (I really am more of an Everyday Food gal, I guess.), but I always turn to the "What's Cooking For Dinner?" article with great anticipation. Many of those streamlined meals have found their way to our table, and this month was no exception

Marthadinner Pasta with roasted veggies and bacon was a big hit here...for me and Neel at least. Poor Callum. I feel bad for him (he didn't love the cauliflower) because we'll surely be having it again. Along with the mushrooms too.

Sadly now, I've been through this mag a dozen or so times now. So we wait for next month. Although, my friend Rebecca just gave me a stack of her old House Beautifuls and Architectural Digests...I might not get anything done all week!

Updated to add: Maybe the title of this post should have also been "Not Steve." When I set up to post in advance sometimes life gets in the way, as it did last night with the news of Steve Jobs' passing. We're Apple folk around here. I "work" on my PC laptop, but all my blogging and photography is done on our Mac. Not to mention my iPhone addiction. I said to Neel this morning that while I do a lot of work on my laptop, I don't *love* it the way I do our Mac. I'm grateful to Steve Jobs every day, really. Not just for the technology he created that makes us fall in love with it, but also for how he looked at life. How he *lived* life. May he and his family be filled with lovingkindness.