shop love

1011_Selmas_Stock_Photos2 When this week's homework for the Blogging Your Way E-course included suggestions for blog posts, how could I not jump at Idea #1: Shop Around? I'll use any excuse to invite you back into this delightful place.

1011_Selmas_Stock_Photos3 It's been almost a year since Meg, Marianne and April took over ownership of Simply Selma's (new website coming soon), and the place feels alight with all of their great energy while still capturing the spirit of Kathy Axelrod, the founder and original owner.

1011_Selmas_Stock_Photos67 It's a good place to be.

IMG_8472 These are the lovelies who take care of you when you come to Selma's. Each and every one of them can make you feel like you've stepped into their home...but unlike when you come to my house - and I haven't swept up the dog hair - they're glad to have you!

Selmas stuff The merchandise in the store is a crazy delightful mix of stuff from gorgeous jewelry to serving pieces to picture frames. I can't even begin to tap into all the things they offer.

1011_Selmas_Stock_Photos51 You know the kinds of things I'm talking about...all the stuff you never knew you wanted, but once you see it you absolutely have to have.

Selmas teaIt's my go-to for any kind of gift I have to buy.  Birthday, housewarming, baby, hostess. You name it. I can always count on finding something classy, tasteful and quirky.

1011_Selmas_Stock_Photos73 What I need to do is shop more for myself there. Right Neel?


1011_Selmas_Stock_Photos26 When I was last in taking photos for these guys, Christmas was just the merest hint about the place. Since then they've pulled their annual all-nighter+ and be-dazzled the store in the best of ways. I haven't seen it yet, but I can't wait to swing in and take in the Christmas glory. They make it a show-stopper every year.

1011_Selmas_Stock_Photos11 I've been starting some exciting collaborations with these guys over the past weeks, and I hope we can continue them. It's not just the work I do with the Selma's gals that makes me feel good; it's how I feel when I'm in there too. Welcomed. Part of things. But it's not just me. They're that way with everyone. I can walk in with my gi-normous camera bag and tripod and find that they're talking with a customer about shoes while helping her find the perfect wedding gift. Or telling another that her favorite jewelry vendor is coming out with a new line. They're good at taking care of things. People too.

If you have any interest in shopping local, this is an awesome and easy way to do it. It's half and hour door to door for me to get there, and the distance is nothing when such a warm welcome is waiting. I'd go every day if I could.

On my last stop in I took photos of all the gals...look for those shots on the blog next week!