1011_coffee5 I took a personality test this week as part of my Blogging Your Way e-course. Turns out, I'm an ESFJ. Neel really got a kick out of the "J" (Judging) part, let me tell you. I imagine Mark will too. I bet his "J" part comes in BOLD.

1011_coffee1 Although my "E" was considered mild, it was still present. Enough so to make me consider my current work schedule which keeps me much at home and alone.

I think part of why I've been feeling blue lately is because I'm a more social animal than that.

1011_coffee4 So a group of us has started meeting for coffee once a week, and I realize that this is just the thing I need. (I may have mentioned in my last post that I should get out more!)

1011_coffee3 A baby joins us.

1011_coffee2 The first time we gathered, we moved from coffee shop to front yard. We had a lot of talking to do. Not everyone can make it every time, but the commitment is there. The commitment to reconnect with each other whenever we can. For me, there's the commitment to finding balance too. Between my social and solitary selves.