IMG_7851 One of the most lovely and decadent gifts I we were given this year was from my friend Seamane. (And no, I don't count the camera bag that Neel gave me that you see in Sunday's post as "decadent." I call that functional and necessary.) Totally out of the blue and quite ironically just after I wrote about this, the most wonderful package arrived in the mail.

IMG_7848 Hello? Hot chocolate on a stick? And not just any hot chocolate, but just about the best hot chocolate you've ever tasted. A little glimpse of Paris from Petrossian, but right in my living room.

IMG_7857 With great ceremony, we shared one with my dad on Christmas night. Neel doesn't have a sweet tooth, so the three of us (me, Callum and Alfie), dipped and stirred most impatiently, until our chocolate blocks were melted goodness.

IMG_7860 The only trick is that we have three left. And two of us to drink them. Seamane? If only you lived closer!