brand new day

IMG_8097 When Callum was a baby, he had considerable trouble with transitions. He cried leaving the house to go to swim class. He cried leaving swim class to come home. He cried when we got out of the car to go into the house. I finally learned to help him with this by waving bye-bye to everything we left. "Bye-Bye, house." "Bye-Bye, swim class." "Bye-Bye, car."

He still struggles with these transitions. Taking down the Christmas tree was hard for him this year. He mostly helped by staying up in his room, getting dressed...for hours. And so I'm working to help him here too. I told him that for me, part of what made having the tree so special was that we had it for a limited time. Saying good-bye to the tree doesn't make having had it any less special. It makes us look forward to next Christmas even more.

And now the time has come to say good-bye to another friend. We're putting the Blue Rain Room to bed. Not the blog, but the name. (Don't panic, mom.) It's time. When I started this blog nearly four years ago, I was full up on crafting blogs and trying my wings at knitting and sewing. The Blue Rain Room was the name from whence all those things sprung. Thing change, she shrugs. I still knit and I still sew (a very little), but if you've been reading along at all, you'll know that this blog has stepped away and become different from those things. More.

It's the best gift I can give my family, to try to capture these moments as we rub along together, so it seems time to move the blog out of that room and let it take its proper place.  The one where I take pictures, and I write about my life.

The phyiscal Blue Rain Room still exists, of course. It's my office now. Filled still, with yarn and fabric, it also houses my laptop and grammar books and a space heater. I write there every day. I write every day. I may not write for me every day (yet), but I do write every day, and I think I might be the luckiest person in the world.

So "Bye-Bye, dear Blue Rain Room." Thank you for all the gifts you've given me each and every day.


It's still for the photos I take, and life for this enchanting life I am lucky to lead. I plan on doing some more tweaking than to just the name. Dust off the cobwebs and maybe switch up the look a bit (If I can do it without having to reformat every single picture I've taken over the past four years.). And there'll be some more things to look at too. A greater emphasis on photos. But at the heart of it all the Blue Rain Room is still here. The link will even work for awhile, but I suggest you get used to using the new one. I'm going to try to.

IMG_8096 It's a brand new year and a brand new day.