five things, september 10 edition

Water themed and a thank you too.
IMG_42421. I think I love living where I can hear sea gulls every day.
2. I think it's great that I can hop on my bike and ride down the block to a river that rises and falls with the ocean's tides.
3. I think I love that the fall air is tinged with the smell of salt water.
4. I think I'm checking the hurricane report every day.
5. I think I still long for rain.

Thank you all so much for your sweet, sweet notes to me yesterday. I am so tired of myself. I want to live my life, not just muddle through it, and now that the days are inching cooler, I want nothing more than to embrace each moment. Someday soon. It's coming; I just know it. The fact that I want to organize Callum's fall clothes and take down the fort in his room gives me a glimmer of hope.