changes a brewin'

Okay people, I'm kicking up some dust around here. I have spent countless hours doing research, looking at other blogs and web hosting sites and reading online tutorials. Countless hours, I tell you. Countless. I haven't figured it all out, but I have figured some things out. Here's what I know.

1. I feel loyal to Typepad, and I don't necessarily want to leave them (although I have trouble understanding why they didn't add their own company name to spell check. Surely they know how to do that.).
2. I like the idea of moving away from a blog-only format to more of a web site.
3. The symbolism of titles means perhaps more to me than it should, but I wonder if I haven't outgrown the Blue Rain Room. Not the room itself, more the moniker.
4. It feels weird to say that.
5. My creative life is shifting to photography (for fun) and writing (for fun and a little profit), and I'd like something that represents that shift.
6. Perhaps a new title to represent that shift is necessary too.
7. I'm interested in some photo projects, and I'd like to highlight them separate from the blog.
8. I'm really interested in some sort of online portfolio that I don't have to spend a lot of money on.
9. I love my blog about my life and my family, and I don't want to give it up.

So there you are. The blog isn't going anywhere, but it may become part of something rather than the whole thing. A domain name may be registered, and things may look different. I'm slowly figuring it out. This process reminds me somewhat of the process we went through to work on our kitchen. Hours and hours on ebay looking for just the right faucet or range hood. That's how this is. I'm not sure of exactly what I want, but I'll know it when I see it.