just begin

IMG_2359 I do live in my head too much. I think it's safer to be stuck in there than to venture forth, I suppose. I've had a lot in there to keep me company too. Thinking about writing. Thinking about photography. Thinking about this blog. I've been wanting a project, a way to focus both the writing and the photography, but I'm spending a lot of time looking around for just the right project. There are so many options. Habit, 365, 100 photos. I start to look, to dip a toe and then I get scared and fall back to trolling photography blogs. Safer to sink into the work of someone else than to try to focus my own, I suppose.

The woman who's been teaching the few photography classes I've taken this year pointed us to this blog. I love it. David's posts really resonate with me, and he seems to be speaking what I feel of late. The title of this post is a play on two of his recent articles. Clearly a brilliant photographer, but a gifted writer as well, what he shoots and what he says stretches me. I like that, and I need it too.

So, as David points out, you just need to begin. Worrying overmuch about what kind of project to do is merely a way to keep you from actually doing. 

But what to do?

What to do?

I'm wondering if it's time to shift things around in the Blue Rain Room.

I'm wondering what kind of photography project to do.

I'm wondering how to jump in and start writing again.

A couple of times now, I've mentioned to my family about making a shift to Blue Rain Room. When I do,  I get a chorus of "No!" And I hate the idea of saying good bye to my little blog. But things are changing. I've changed in the nearly four years since I started what was meant to be primarily a crafting blog. I don't craft as much. The actual literal Blue Rain Room is piled overflowing with yarn and fabric and things needing to be put away and ironed. I'm doing different things now. I do take a lot of pictures. When people ask me about my blog, I say that it's a testimony to my family and our life together. It's not about what I just knit or that quilt I still need to finish. My family is the most important thing. While I don't think that all that many people visit this space, well, it
means a lot to me.

Do I still want to keep telling the story of my family? Well, yes, I do. Am I ready for that story to be a part of something more? Well, yeah. I think I'm ready for that too.

Like I said, what to do?