ottoman empire

IMG_1850 I've had this ottoman for ages that I dearly love. (Do you recognize it Mark? It's from that chair and ottoman that Fern gave us) It came to us from a friend after a serious envy problem I had. The chair is no longer with us, and I'm still missing it. And now the ottoman. Serving as seating and end table for years can do a number on a piece of furniture. A cinder burned a hole in the top and a beagle got a hold of a corner. Who could that have been, I wonder? Anyway, we were in need of a recovering, big time.

IMG_1855 So I ordered some fabric and assembled my tools. I realized after I started that I should have taken a "before" photo, but at that point there was NO WAY I was going to undo the work I'd done. Apparently I have little patience for projects such as these.

IMG_1860 Still, I muscled through, and look! A whole new piece of furniture. The colors seem really vibrant to me after the faded stripes of the ottoman of old, but I have enough to cover a floor pillow, so hopefully after that it'll be less jarring. But hey! After a major drought, I made something.