a good time was had by all, or so they tell us


IMG_4917 We had a party for my 40th birthday last Friday. Forty years old. Oh my goodness. How quickly the time passes! It's a funny thing about milestone birthdays...you tend to think about them a lot as they approach (at least I do) and suddenly it's your birthday and, simple as that, time marches on. Life continues apace and there you are, just older. Nothing more, nothing less.

IMG_4925 Nothing more, nothing less. I didn't do anything to deserve a party, really. We're all getting older, and it's not as if I've lived such a dangerous life that it was a miracle that I'd made it this far. But we had a party anyway.

IMG_4920 My friend Seamane sent me flowers.

IMG_4923 We had a little food.

IMG_4918 I told Neel that I wanted to be sure to have a few moments before everyone arrived to take pictures. Those are the best times aren't they? That anticipatory hush before everyone arrives.

IMG_4933 The hit of the night was, alas, not me. Check out the champagne fountain!

IMG_4948 Here's Tyler "helping." And, really, I'm only teasing here because he was so helpful. He brought over music, and extra tables and chairs, and helped Neel build two new gates for our backyard (not that night, of course, but in anticipation of that night), and made lots of fruity drinks to pass around. And his wife made cupcakes! I have the. best. neighbors. ever.

IMG_4959 Doesn't that table look pretty?

IMG_4949 You can't have too many pictures of the champagne fountain.

IMG_4957 Or of my cake. My beautiful, beautiful cake. I loved it so much that it seemed criminal to cut into it, but once we did...well, it tasted SO good. I know one should only have a fancy cake like this for special birthdays, but really, isn't every birthday special?

IMG_4950 As night fell and the party s.l.o.w.l.y wound down, I felt well and truly celebrated. So many of my favorite people were there with me, the night was beautiful. It was a great way to kick off what I know will be the best years of my life.

IMG_4958 (Catherine's cupcakes) As I approached my 35th birthday, low many years ago, I felt a sense of loss and a hyper-awareness of aging. Not good. But this year was so different. I know some people who refuse to meet this milestone head on (a friend of a friend had a blow-out 39th birthday because she wouldn't want to celebrate her 40th!), people who wish it weren't happening. Others, most of whom are already in their forties tell me that this decade is better than any they experienced before. That's the tack I'm taking. Nothing but blue skies ahead.