catching up

IMG_1036 My last photography class feels like it was ages ago (don't worry, there's another one coming in April), and I never posted the photos. Our final assignment was to tell a story in pictures or to take a walk around someplace familiar and see it with new eyes. This was oddly difficult for me, especially given the fact that I tend to think in picture-stories for the blog all the time. So on one warm Sunday, our first warm Sunday, Neel, Callum, and I took a walk down to the water, and I took pictures like a madwoman!

IMG_1039 It felt like the earth was waking up and the people in it were waking up too. When I came home and downloaded the photos, several themes emerged and I thought I'd take the next few blog posts to explore them. First, let's honor Callum again, how about? Our neighbors have a phenomenal rope swing, and he's on it a lot. We were no sooner out the door than we found people we hadn't seen in ages out in their front yards too. While the grown-ups got what Callum calls "talky," he got his swing on.  He'd been planning to skateboard to the water, hence the helmet. This shot is my favorite. Nothing says ten year old boy like the shredded knees of his jeans and that intense look of concentration.

IMG_1040 Off comes the helmet, and here's some context with a still-winter bare tree.

IMG_1043 Then I got crafty and started to play with my depth of field! For those of you who are wondering how we've made this year difficult for him, it's not what you're thinking. No chaining to the bedpost, no locking in closets! No (gasp) withholding meals! But he has had a trying go of it, and he's handled his own adversity with grace. It's not something we can talk about just yet, but soon. I'll provide the details at a more salutary time.