olympic event

The Olympics have been on nonstop around here. I know that everyone is critical of the coverage and the IOC and is Ice Dancing a sport, blah, blah, blah. We don't care, we love it. Callum's been explaining curling to be, and my dad wants us to form a four-man bobsled team. Last night was the closing ceremonies, and I hate that it's over.

IMG_2865 But what to do with all that time cuddled up in front of the TV? Knit, of course! I picked up my raspberry Clapotis which has been languishing for maybe two years now (gasp!). And despite the grousing that I love knitting more that him (Callum) or that my lap is unavailable (Violet), I powered on. The result? A finally finished Clapotis. I threw it into the lightbox (!) just before I finished to get this shot, and I'm blocking it now. I might even get to wear it this week!