date night

IMG_6694 The weather turned wintry over the past few days. We got our tree on a chilly, windy night, picking the first one we laid eyes on. Took us three more days to get the darn thing decorated, though!

Neel had a work function that I opted out of on Saturday evening so Callum and I had a lovely date night. We had everything planned out. Make a wreath using a hot glue gun. Fondue for dinner and watch Elf. Every one of those plans was in jeaporday at one point except the fondue, and the fondue travail came later. We needed Christmas bows to make the wreath, and I couldn't find the ones I wanted anywhere. Target has nice bows, but the bags were too multi-colored. And Walgreens? Fifteen bows for $3.99. Give me a break! So my neighbor Jean braved Wal-mart and came home with two bags of silver and white bows. Just what I wanted.

IMG_6668 Making the wreath was super easy and fun. We got started as soon as Neel was out the door. It's from this month's Martha Stewart Living and wasn't nearly as daunting to me as most of her crafty projects seem to be. Callum handled the glueing (he's been using the glue gun in art lately), and I handled the placement and sticking. We were ridiculuously proud of ourselves.

IMG_6688 Turns out we don't have Elf. We do have Home Alone though, so we watched that instead. Callum was iffy on Elf anyway, so maybe it's for the best. And the fondue was great. It was nice not having to share it among three people for a change! At one point as we were finishing up, Callum started hollering. I thought he was reacting to those poor stupid burglars, but no.

IMG_6675 No, he'd stabbed himself with the fondue fork. It took me a minute to figure out what happened. There was no fork in sight, but apparently he'd had to pull it out of his leg. Ouch. Nothing a litte lovin' and Neosporin can't cure.

After that it was hard to settle back in and watch the movie, and besides that, it had started to SNOW! Just flurries, but oh! The excitement. We stood on the porch and tasted the first flakes of the year on our tongue and waited for Neel to come home. We were so excited to see him and had so much to tell even after just a few hours. A good time was had by all. A project, a moving movie, a great dinner, snow and DANGER. Quite possibly the best date ever.