the best present we could have asked for

IMG_7862 Sunday Morning, 7 a.m.

It couldn't have worked out more perfectly. The weather folk had been hinting at it all week, but suspiciously. Uncertain. In a don't-get-your-hopes-up-for-a-white-Christmas kind of way. Have I mentioned that I'm a weather nut? I've been watching that forecast. But it was shifty. Some days looked like the weekend would bring us snow, others looked like nothing. In the south, you can never trust a snow forecast. By Friday, things didn't look so good for us. No real snow coming, but that's okay because Christmas is pretty special in its own right.

IMG_7868 Still, Alfie is here, and what do we do better than plan ahead and shop for food? We added some snacks to our Christmas dinner shopping, all the while making jokes about how my grandmother used to always worry, "What if it snows?"

Christmas was wonderful, and I'm sure I'll have more to say about that in a couple of days. By Christmas morning, it looked like like we might get a few inches overnight into Sunday. I got brave enough to check the forecast (didn't want to get disappointed), and with each peek, we got more excited. The sky looked leaden, the temperature dropped. Around three we got excited when we saw some flurries.

They lasted for about two minutes.

But we brought in more wood for the fireplace and added more layers and made the dogs go out again, knowing they weren't going to want to after the snow came.

We settled into watch some football and caught the evening news and the weather.

More flurries!

This time serious business. Our weather man called it a "shot across the bow." Not the real storm! We settled into watch a surprisingly competitive Arizona/Dallas game. Every few minutes someone got up to check on the status of the snow. The porch is getting wet! Really coming down now! I can't tell if the grass is white or not, but the road is wet. Alfie made us wait through the whole 3rd quarter without looking out the window. That was hard, but good because when we got up we'd really made some progress.

I slept with my curtains open that night. Whenever I woke up, I could see the streetlight on our street, and even if it wasn't snowing, I felt certain. Certain that we'd see more. That this was it. Our winter gift.

IMG_7903 When I woke up before seven, the wind was blowing and the snow was coming down in spades.And it snowed all day.

In the ways that never happen, the forecast amounts of snow increased throughout the morning; 4-6 inches, 5-8 inches, up to a foot of snow!

Around eleven there seemed to be a lull, so we took a walk.






IMG_7971 It snowed all day long. Callum and Neel tried to go sledding without much success. Too blowy still and too much snow coming down. So we snuggled in and watched from the window. Every tree limb, every surface, coated in white.

IMG_8006 In the end, they're saying we got about 13 inches, but we're measuring a bit deeper in our yard. The third biggest snowstorm in our little city's history. The roads are still snow covered, the medical school is closed today, and there's nothing to do but settle in and enjoy it. We'll try sledding later this afternoon. Conditions should be perfect by then.

IMG_8016 It was the best Christmas present ever. The anticipation everything I could have asked for...and the realization everything too. How often does that happen? The only thing, the only thing that would have made it better would be another system headed our way three or four days from now.