ice skating morning

IMG_7252 Our local mall has opened an ice skating rink for the holiday season, and Callum went with some friends on Friday. Despite several falls, a suspected concussion and some achey muscles, he couldn't wait to get back.

IMG_7222 We got there early, before they even opened and unexpectedly met up with some friends. It was a perfect day to be out. Not too cold and sunny, and even watching the Zamboni was a treat.

IMG_7237 Another treat was a Zamboni Photo-Op!

IMG_7243 The nice man let Neel sit on the Zamboni too!

IMG_7262 I was not physically brave as a child, and I appreciate so much that Callum has bravery in spades. He's willing to try anything, and leaps headlong into it, seeking to master the skill.

IMG_7323 All three kids were incredibly brave, and the transformation they made in just a couple of hours was remarkable. Not just our kids, but everybody there. Even the ones clutching the wall for dear life eventually made their way around the rink fall-free. An impressive feat on the feet.

IMG_7361 After skating, lunch at the boulangerie (la boulangerie!).

IMG_7364 Callum double fisted soup. Warming up from the inside out.