la boulangerie

IMG_0335 So Violet has developed a fascination with all things French lately. She's speaking with a French accent and has been begging for a beret for Christmas. And she's always asking, "Aller à la boulangerie pour le déjeuner, maman?"

IMG_1606 Sadly, when we went to a sweet French bistro for lunch with my mom last weekend, it was without her. Elle était très triste.

IMG_6306 If you get to Williamsburg, Virginia anytime soon (which I highly recommend), check out the Blue Talon Bistro. My friend Megan introduced me to this wonderful spot, and I go back everytime we head up there. I've never had dinner there, only lunch, and only lunch has always been wonderful.

IMG_6296 My camera wasn't cooperating, so I didn't get many pictures. It's simple food. I had a meatloaf sandwich, and my mom had a burger. Neel ordered this wonderful appetizer called brandade that was heavenly, creamy goodness, and I must try to recreate it. But I really think Callum came out the winner with his French Onion Soup (but, of course!) and Parisian Hot Chocolate with homemade marshmallows. It was warm and thick and everything a mug of melted chocolate should be. Fortunately Callum needed help to tackle it!

IMG_6305 And I mean hot chocolate, not cocoa. Hello hot chocolate. We'll be back.