five things, december 10 edition

IMG_6815 1. I think I'm finally admitting that I don't like my comfortor cover, and I need a new one. Although who can buy things for themselves at this time of year?
2. I think it's really hard not to buy things for myself at this time of year when I'm doing all this shopping.
3. I think if I'm going to have a kidney stone, that was the way to do it. But I think I'd prefer not to do it again, thanks.
4. I think getting cozy is one of my favorite things about winter, and this guy in our tree clearly agrees. And I can't believe our three very fierce guard dogs never knew he was there.
5. I think I have some of the dearest friends a person could ask for (Seamane, I am looking at you). And thanks are not enough for the gratitude I feel for their sweet thoughtfulness.