his Tom Sawyer moment

IMG_5246 We've been in this house for seven years now and in the last year have really just started settling into it. I have more to say about that. All my thoughts about sinking into this home deserve a post of their own, I suppose. But this post is about Callum and the fence. We've added a tiny bit of fencing, perpinducular to the house to train some plants and such along. It's the one idea about the front yard that I've had that Neel actually agreed to. The fence went in two weeks ago, and last weekend Callum painted it.

IMG_5254 We paid him cold hard cash to do the job, and he made great work of it. He was nervous at first, but he took his work very seriously (much more so than his father would have, ahem). As a result, the fence looks great. We have another step to get the project completely finished (that will involve more painting and another paycheck, I imagine), and I'll post pictures after that. Nice work, young man.