back to life

IMG_6291 Oh gosh we had such a nice visit with my mom. Perfect chill Thanksgiving, and I still think it was my best turkey ever. It's funny about Thanksgiving, at least cooking the "big meal." Going in, it always feels like such a big production. So many sides to juggle, and who cooks turkey often enough to feel completely comfortable doing it?

I was the tiniest bit stressed out on Tuesday because I'd never left my meal planning that late in the game, and I made our family do work at dinner as soon as Mom arrived. We carved out a list and did the shopping on Wednesday, and Thursday actually felt like a breeze. I remember looking around the kitchen and thinking, that's it? Okay, we're ready to go. That was easy. AND I made homemade cranberry sauce! Who knew how easy that would be?

We braved the mall and went shopping on Black Friday (while Neel and Callum went to HP #7, Part 1), and that was loads of fun. Williamsburg on Saturday, and by Sunday we were outing-outed. Beat. I think we spent the day just one step up from jammies. Nice.

Mom left yesterday, and it feels good to be back in a routine. Back to the rhythm of work and school. I love this time of year. I brought all the decorations down from the third floor, Neel put on the lights on the tree outside, and we'll get our tree this weekend. I'm ready for Christmas music on in the house.

Except I think I have a cold. Chicken noodle soup and Zicam time.