in which she speaks of gratitude

IMG_5960 straight up

Oh, it's a busy week. My mom comes today. Hooray for Ama! There're shows to be shown and food to be cooked. And hey! Food to be eaten. I think I'll take a little break from blogging and just enjoy my life. I'll leave you with some scenes from this beautiful fall and some of the things I feel grateful for. (Hint: there's a lot. I won't list them all. This is just a start.)

IMG_5953 tree and tree, our crepe myrtle and rebecca and evans' japanese maple

1. I'm grateful that my mom will be here in time to see some of the glorious fall color we've had.
2. I'm grateful for my work life. I'm challenged by it, and I'm really enjoying it.
3. I'm grateful for Callum's school.
4. I'm grateful for Callum and the young man he's becoming.
5. I'm grateful for my camera.
6. I'm grateful for Thanksgiving.
7. I'm grateful for Thanksgiving dinner.
8. I'm grateful for the good friends who have taken good care of me and my family this year.
9. I'm grateful for three little dogs who sleep in the sunlight in the room next to mine while I work.
10. I'm grateful for my headache medication.
11. I'm grateful for a sense of humor.
12. I'm grateful for Neel's sense of humor.
13. I'm grateful for marriage.
14. I'm so grateful for my marriage.
15. I believe in marriage.
16. Everyone should have the right to be married.
17. I'm grateful for my new storm door (photos coming soon).
18. I'm grateful that we have more of an awareness of pediatric migraines than was available when I was a kid.
19. I'm grateful for my home. My house, my town, my life.
20. I'm grateful for this blog and all who come here to read it.