royal evening

IMG_5788 After weeks and weeks of hard work, Callum shone in his school play, The Emperor's New Clothes on Friday night.

IMG_5766 New schools bring a host of new experiences, and this was one of many this fall. This theatre program is very different from what he's used to. After school rehearsals, a group of kids who sign up to be there instead of a whole-school production. Callum is used to having a significant part to play, and he stepped into a crowd who is just as committed as he is. He did a great job at handling a smaller role. Fewer lines maybe this time, but learning to function as an important part of an ensemble. And honestly, he didn't want a big role this go around. There was enough to adjust to as it was.

IMG_5777 He hates that it's over, this Royal Guard of mine. But, what a show! Callum had his grandparents and a great-aunt and uncle in the audience, as well as a large contingent from his old school. I'm so thrilled for him that he had so many familiar faces in the crowd.

Spring will bring lacrosse and not a chance to be back up on the stage, but he's already looking toward summer camp (The Lion King!), and even next fall. Bravo, my friend. Job well done.