five things, october 8 edition

IMG_4582 1. I think I'm not very good at trying to be beautiful. Not that I claim to be beautiful or even pretty, but I think I could try harder.
2. I think I use too many exclamation points. Especially! In! Emails! And! Texts!
3. (This one's for Mark) I think I started to creep even myself out a little this week. On Monday when I was coming home from the morning school run, I switched over to Mike & Mike in the Morning (that's on ESPN Radio, Marky, check it out sometime) to hear the tail end of a trivia question about Peyton Manning. I didn't hear the whole thing, but it was something about "...a teammate Manning passed a milestone with this weekend. Not Clarke, not Wayne. Someone else. We'll tell you who it is after the break." Well right away I went with Jeff Saturday, the center for the Colts. Those two have been together a long time. I bet it's how many times Saturday has snapped the ball to Manning. Or how many games they've played together or something. The only hiccup was I couldn't remember if Saturday had been hurt recently. So after the break, guess what! Jeff Saturday and Peyton Manning started their 158th game together last Sunday! I was right! Annnnnd, at the same time that Mark's (and a whole host of other folks, I'll bet) turning away in disgust, my dad is wiping away a tear of pride.
4. I think trying to be more beautiful should probably involve some more products.
5. I think, as I enter the month of my fifteenth wedding anniversary, that being married is the best thing that has ever happened to me.