five things, october 29 edition

IMG_5241 1. I think I couldn't have spent a better anniversary.
    A. I got to watch Neel in "action" as he lectured a medical student class.
    B. Callum got to go to a birthday party at MotorWorld (!).
    C. We went to Callum's first parent-teacher conference, which was great.
    D. And then Neel shared his hoagie with me at lunch at a place called Philadelphia Cold Cuts.
2. I think I'm a pretty lucky wife. Clearly. (Fortunately we're going out to dinner tonight.)
3. I think I'm really looking forward to brunch with some friends on Sunday.
4. I've started a project I'm excited about, and I think I'll be ready to unveil it soon.
5. I think if I told Mark that it was a blog about woodpiles, he'd spit his coffee out at the computer screen.