IMG_5143 Neel drew our attention to the sunset last night, and I had to run right out with my camera. This shot is looking back, at the the light reflected in the living room windows of our house. It was an interesting evening, as far as the weather's concerned, in what's been an odd fall. Muggy and stormy last night. Bands of rain would move through, followed by clear starry skies. Sometime around two a.m. we had storms, heavy with lightening and thunder. And here it's nearly Halloween! As I write this morning, it's mostly clear, but wispy gray clouds are scutting across the sky, seeking an escape to somewhere. Should be warm today and downright hot tomorrow.

I'm ready for the real fall. I may have mentioned this before.

That little bug I mentioned last week has turned into a full-on sinus infection, so I'm glad to be working from home today.

Blogging may be light this week as I try to kick this thing, but I'll be back with more pictures of that gorgeous sky.