baby steps (when the baby isn't very good at walking yet and falls down a lot)

IMG_7284 This is how it was, for a little while at least.  Nice, huh?  And for the record, I know I disappeared for a week, but can I just say I've decided that September is absolutely B.R.U.T.A.L on my family.  This whole re-entry thing is a bear.  We're so tired.  We've had meltdowns.  I missed a publication deadline Friday for computer glitches that I just don't understand.  And this on a day that our Athletic Director came into my office (His office is next door to mine.) and said, "Hey, don't use the bathroom in this building, okay?  And that water out on the sidewalk?  Don't walk in it.  It's not water."  Last I'd heard, we're still not up and running.  Yeah, I am SO looking forward to work today.

Back to my kitchen.  Two-thirds of the counters are in and almost done.  They need some buffing and sealing and a little more work to match the sink, but oh, I love them.  We got to see the final third poured and it was amazing.  I'll do a whole post on that, really soon, I promise. And isn't the faucet pretty?  Except the sink is leaking now.  So what you're looking at doesn't exist at present.  We're back to washing dishes in the bathroom. 

IMG_7538 John, the guy we ordered our cabinets from, finally came to install our shelves.  It feels like it's been forever, but they're in now. We came home on Saturday from a sand castle contest to find John and Tyler having a drink with my friend Cathy who'd dropped her daughter off next door for a slumber party.  They'd never met but were having a high old time slugging whiskey (not mine) from a bottle.  This is what I love about Cathy.  She's very adaptable.  And here I'd been worried that she'd be gone by the time we got home!

IMG_7558 I wasn't sure about the shelves at first, but we painted today, and I'm feeling a lot better. Callum asked what else was left to do, and as we thought about it, it seems like a lot of little stuff.  

IMG_7556 There's the backsplash, of course, and the hood needs to shift a bit to the right, and the wood around these windows was never painted.  I got on that today.  I think it's going to take about a zillion coats.  One tiny baby step at a time.

IMG_7560 Oh, I know we're going to love it.  And really, I already do.  But when there are meltdowns every night and there's no place to do homework and we're still two weeks away from even starting the hallway and back to doing dishes in the sink, it's hard not to get discouraged.  Look at this mess.  Wouldn't you get discouraged too?