what we came home to*

IMG_5823 Callum and I took a quick trip to see some friends who had just moved to South Carolina, and this is what the house looked like when we got home.  The cabinets had been delivered between our Atlanta and Pawleys trips, but Neel unboxed them so he could play with the drawers.

IMG_5822 We're putting new cabinets in the pantry too, so Neel cleared out that room and pulled up the floor.

IMG_5816 Now the pantry is in the family room.  Maybe the microwave, the maple syrup and crisco should be near the tv given that football season is just around the corner.

IMG_5817 And here's my sink!  It was delivered while we were gone too.  We're having concrete counters poured and a concrete, farm style sink.  It's so hard to get an accurate representation of the color with the camera (I almost said "on film," but you can't really say "on film" anymore, can you?).  It's a deep charcoal gray with lots of swirls of darker and lighter shades of gray and deliberate imperfections. 

IMG_5819 I love it.

*And I learned at my grammar class that it's now okay to end sentences with prepositions.  Who knew?!