So when I came inside from chatting with some friends on the block last night, Neel was leaning against the living room wall where our eventual doorway is going to go.  "Hi!" He said cheerily.

And then he moved his head.

IMG_6174 See that little hole?

IMG_6150 See that hole? 

IMG_6166 And that one?  That's on the kitchen side, so I I knew we were going for it, just not so soon.



Just as I got used to that little hole...



IMG_6207 They kept going.

IMG_6208 Good-bye wall.  Hello doorway.

The dogs are worried, the mess is unbelievable, and I had a hard time concentrating on Top Chef Masters, but they did it.

IMG_6215 Lucy kept going around the corner, getting surprised and barking at the gaping hole in the wall, but Violet fits right in!