charmed, I'm sure

IMG_6080 One of the bonuses of heading to the Shenandoahs this weekend was getting to land in this charmer for our stay.  Nurse Rebecca offered her parents' Charlottesville hideaway, and we couldn't be more grateful.

IMG_6081 The setting was stunning.  Steep and rolling hills that made our little Mini Cooper say, "What the heck, you guys?"  Man, we miss hills.

IMG_6143 I've taken you inside Jan's local home before.  Gracious and stunning on a grand scale.  The feel of this home is totally different, but completely familiar. 


IMG_6144 As welcoming as ever, but this time on a cozy scale.  Neel and I felt like we were in the very best of English cottages. 

IMG_6145 The room we slept in was off the living room, just down a step and through that door.  Thanks to Neel, who mused about ghosts upstairs, Callum bunked there too.  It's on the market now, this sweet cottage, and I can't help wondering if that chair right there (of which there are two), is for sale as well.  Well?

IMG_6146 From the sloping front lawn to the sweet tearrace out back, this house was nothing if not dear.  Neel and I found ourselves wishing Callum were headed to UVA sooner rather than later (ha!), so we could do what Rebecca's parents did and have a place to land as lovely as this is.  Thanks so much for sharing your home with us.