kitchen by rothko



IMG_5958 Monday was cabinet day, and by Sunday night the room had been denuded.

IMG_5944 Neel enjoyed this process very much.

IMG_5965 I loved it sitting empty, but almost before I could blink there were things moving back in.  That's John, helping Neel with the corner cabinet.  Neighbor, friend, it's his company who we ordered our cabinets from (Remember, I can do that now, end that sentence with "from.").  He's ended up being our general contractor more than anything.  Friend first, I suppose.

IMG_5966 All those lines mark out where the shelves are going to go.  John's making the shelves himself in his shop (see what I mean?), and we needed to decide where they'd sit in order to determine how thick, wide and long they'd be. 

IMG_5972 Here are our only two hanging cabinets.  Over the fridge and a glass-fronted cabinet.  They were meant to have a Shaker style molding, but after the cabinets went up, I thought, "huh."  I liked it without the molding.  Oh, how hard it is for me to say that kind of thing out loud.  Why?  Everybody knows I have opinions.  But as soon as I said it, Neel said, "I was thinking exactly the same thing."  So we're molding free, and I love it. 

IMG_5979 Chris, the designer is on the left, and Phil, the installer, is on the right.  John clearly thinks very highly of Chris, and I can see why.  He's steady and his attention to detail is laser-focused.  Phil was great too, but apparently we got Phil on a good day.


IMG_5982Ah, now we're getting somewhere.

IMG_5985 This is where the dishwasher goes. 

And that Rothko thing?  Well look...

IMG_5968 I know it's a stretch, especially with the venting for the hood (coming today), and all the wires hanging out, but as I was looking at all the photos, the colors struck me and the lines too.  A stretch, maybe, but still Rothko-esque, I say.

We're getting there.