step one was the stove

IMG_5163 Step Two:  My back is killing me Paint the island.


IMG_5188 We've changed the color from something called "cinnibar" (a brickish red) to something called "Brown Velvet," a Valspar Historical interior satin.  When you're stiring it in the can, it looks just like chocolate brownie mix as you add the liquids to the solids.  I've finished the frame of the island, the fronts of the drawers and two coats on the fronts of six of the eight doors.  I have to finish the backs of those six doors and both sides of the remaining two.  We have a stainless top on the island, and once the painting is done Neel is going to remove it and reanchor.  I'll paint the exposed underside then, and I'm thinking I'll do a contrasting color.  My back hurts, and I've had about enough of brown.